Public Computers

UCPL has a variety of computers available for use by the public whenever the Library is open. Check out the options below, but keep in mind that public computers are available on a first-come, first-served basis.

Patrons are also welcome to use their own devices using our public wireless network. Ask at the circulation or reference desk for additional information about using the wireless network.

Standard Public Access ComputersUCPL has 17 standard PCs running Microsoft Windows 10 operating system, and featuring these additional installed applications:
• Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Publisher)
• MakerBot Desktop (3D printing)
• Blender (3D modeling)
• GIMP (graphics)
• Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge (internet browsers)
• VLC (video/audio playback)
High-Performance Public Access WorkstationsWe offer 3 higher-performing workstations (Public machines 1, 9, and 10) with the same software installed as the standard public access computers, plus:
• Sony Vegas Pro (video/audio editing)
• Microsoft Visual Studio (programming)
• Microsoft Visio Standard (diagramming)
Apple iMacsUCPL has two 27-inch Apple iMacs utilizing Apple OS X with the additional installed applications:
• Final Cut Pro (video/audio editing)
• Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint)
15-Minute Public Access ComputersTwo 15-minute public access PCs are available for quick activities such as checking e-mail, printing, or Internet browsing. Software available is the same as the standard public access computers, though without MakerBot Desktop or Blender. **These computers are not available during our renovation.**
Acer ChromebooksThese portable and highly versatile Chromebooks can be checked out and used on our wireless network anywhere in the library. Using Google’s patented operating system, sign on with your own Gmail account or the guest account and surf the internet via the integrated Google Chrome browser. Checkout is available with an adult library card and signed form. Guest passes are not available for Chromebook use.

Also available using the public computers

Printing is available from all of the public computer options, and costs $.10 per page for black & white printing or $.40 per page for color printing. Double-sided printing is not available. To print from Chromebooks, patrons must email a printable file to

Additionally, Public Computer 1 serves as the base for UCPL’s digital microfilm scanner, which allows users to easily load and browse microfilm to find information fast! Images are loaded into the ViewScan software and can be edited, improved, cleaned up, or manipulated in multiple ways. Once the image is identified it can be easily captured and shared. The image can then be printed or saved to a USB flash drive.