Youth Summer Reading Program

Thank You for a Wonderful Summer 2020!

Last year, the University City Public Library’s Youth Summer Reading Program went digital! We partnered with Beanstack to bring reporting out of the library and into your home. Participants can log their reading minutes using the Beanstack App on a cell phone/mobile device or visit this page to access Beanstack. Check it out here.

All children ages 0-17 are welcome to participate. If you are not able to access our library program through our website, please contact Youth Services at 314-727-3150.

Past Summer Reading Entertainment

Summer Reading Kickoff with Chef Bananas
Get ready for a bowl full of laughs as Chef Bananas presents "Fairy Tales Gone Bananas." Learn more about Chef Bananas on his website,

Jeanie Puppets: Monster Magic!
Charles the Monster and his fuzzy sidekick, Benny, attempt to perform a dazzling magic show, but when things don't go as planned, the results are hilarious! Learn more about Jeanie Puppets on her website,

Swords & Roses: In Search of Buried Treasure
Join in for an interactive action adventure! Learn more about Swords & Roses at their website,

Swords & Roses: The Cavern of the Elements
Join in for an online escape room experience! Learn more about Swords & Roses at their website,

Celia's Singalong Dance Party
Join us for a rockin', stompin', hollerin' good time! Wear your dancing shoes to this all-ages party because Celia will rock your socks off! Learn more about Celia at her website,
For families. RSVP by clicking here

Sherry Norfolk Presents Hoppily Ever After
Enter the world of imagination through the magic of interactive storytelling! Learn more about Sherry Norfolk at her website,

Animal Crossing: New Horizons Garage Sale
You're invited to a garage sale on the island of TwoTubs, UCPL's Animal Crossing: New Horizons island. Our Teen Librarian, Amber, has been hard at work collecting recipes, flowers, and items. She's been working too hard! The island is overrun! We need you to take some of these extras off our hands. Bring your fully charged Switch with your copy of Animal Crossing: New Horizons to the UCPL parking lot on Tuesday, July 21 at 7pm and you'll be able to island hop via Local Play from the comfort and safety of your car using the library's WiFi network.

Finishers' Party with Brent Allan
Get ready for comedy, magic, interactive games, and stories as Brent Allan presents "Once Upon a Story..." Learn more about Brent Allan at his website,