Strategic Plan Progress Reports

UCPL Strategic Plan Current Priorities        6/2017

Service Response #1--Create Young Readers

We are currently working with the University City Parks Commission and the Public Works Department on the launching of the Storybook Walk project. We hope that the trial “permanent” display will has been installed in Heman Park and we will have the first book up next wek.

Service Response #1--Create Young Readers

We have begun lending our early literacy iPads and have replaced (thanks to the diligence of Stephanie Jenkins) three of our missing Launchpads.

Our summer reading program now invites children of all ages, birth to eighteen, to join us.

In July and August our gallery show will feature original art from children’s books.

UCPL has issued 400 of the My first Library Cards.

Service Response #2—Be an Informed Citizen

The AARP (thank you, Roz) hosted its first off-year voter education / registration event in April. We hope to schedule more in the coming months.

Service Response #3—Celebrate Diversity

We hosted a gallery show of art by students of VSA, a nonprofit which is working with adults and children of all abilities.

In addition to our Big Book for adult summer reading, David Copperfield, we have added a modern title that we believe both celebrates diversity and draws thematic comparisons between our Big Book classic and a contemporary memoir (Born Bright: A Young Girl’s Journey form Nothing to Something in America, by C. Nicole Mason) by drawing attention to the ongoing relevance of classic literature to current life.

The Library will be hosting a panel of local educators who will be discussing urban education. This will be related to one of this summer’s discussion books, Born Bright: A Young Girl’s Journey form Nothing to Something in America, by C. Nicole Mason.

Service Response #4—Connect to the Online World

We have just completed a soft-launch of our wireless printing service. We will be announcing this service (printing from a wireless device or from a computer outside of the Library) soon.

Service Response #4—Connect to the Online World

Our most recent Tech Mini Grant has helped us update the laptops and Chromebooks used by our patrons.

We are seeking grant funding to help us offer classes in a wide range of tech topics

Service Response #5—Make Informed Decisions

We have hosted the Thinking Money display in our gallery and we will have the Safe and Secure financial program on Thursday, June 15.

Service Response #6—Satisfy Curiosity

The Library is working with the Senior Services coordinator at City Hall to improve computer classes to seniors.

Service Response #9: Stimulate Imagination

UCPL will be implementing the Hot Reads and Hot DVD programs in the coming fiscal year.

The Library is working with the MLLC to increase the marketing of the Hoopla and Overdrive collections.

The Library has begun a partnership with Cinema St Louis.

Service Response #10—Visit a Comfortable Place

The Library has applied for grant funding to upgrade the two meeting rooms.

First quarter 2017 report on Strategic plan initiatives from February 2017 board meeting:
Service Response #1:  Create Young Readers  1st Quarter 2017
young readers will enter school ready to read, write, and listen Discussion with School District
My First Library Card will increase by 10%  328 so far, 19 in 2017
Increase marketing of My First Library Card at programs Question in to Trolley
Promote My First Library Card at school and community events Pre-School open house
Provide materials, and services to enhance early literacy skills  
Provide books-to-go kits  
Provide computer technology  New tablets, Ipads
Provide access to ebooks for preschool children  Library cards to Barbara Jordan
Incorporate a read-to-me component in our children’s summer reading program  In Planning
 Increase our early literacy technology by adding preloaded early literacy tablets  13 tablets added, 2 ipads
Increase attendance at our regularly scheduled story time programs   
Present outreach story time programs off-site at local area daycares and preschools.  
Incorporate a read-to-me component in our children’s summer reading program  In planning
Service Response #2: Be an Informed Citizen 1st Quarter 2017
Residents will have the information they need to support and promote democracy  
Community members will look first to UCPL for information that helps them   
Clarify library policy to streamline process of arranging presentations   
Improve labeling of paper information materials from government entities  
improve staff training so that all staff can direct patrons to these resources  
Initiate service to fully process voter registrations at the Library  
Establish regular voter registration drives via League of Women voters or AARP Planning for non election year
Create an area on UCPL’s webpage to serve as a pointer to events calendars of government organizations in the area In planning
Service Response #3:  Celebrate Diversity   
Provide programs and services that expose patrons to the diverse cultures within University City, as well as the broader world  
Feature diverse artists throughout the year in THE GALLERY, and hold at least 10 shows per year Planning next call for artists
Create book giveaway programs that provide books that promote diversity  
The Library will plan 12 programs a year with a cultural component Book groups diversifying books, Day of rememberance event  
Plan and host programs, including performances and classes, which promote the appreciation of the diverse heritages in our community and beyond  
·         The Library will expand services and materials for non-English speakers in the community.  
o   Action: Work with the school district to promote ongoing ESL classes and services.  
o   Action: Work with the school district to plan and host events appealing to the ESL community.  
Action: Offer materials in languages spoken in our community, including Spanish, Chinese, Russian, Bosnian, and other languages as requested In process
Service Response #4: Connect to the Online World  
Goal: Patrons in the library will have access to the Internet and technology services through library resources.  
·         The Library will expand Internet access by removing barriers and making access available to all patrons during library hours.  
o   Action: Provide Internet access via wired public computers for all patrons 72 hours a week. Monitor status of connection
o   Action: Provide Internet access via wireless using BOYD or loanable library devices. Monitor status of connection
o   Action: Implement wireless printing. In process
o   Action: Evaluate usage and recommend bandwidth increases as needed to provide access for desired online activities. Monitoring usage
o   Action: Update public computers every 4 years by refreshing hardware regularly and maintaining availability to relevant software. Grant application submitted
o   Action: Develop e-resources access cards.  
Service Response #5: Make Informed Decisions  
Goal: Teens and adults will have access to resources that will help them make better informed life decisions  
·         The number of participants in library-sponsored or library-hosted informational programs will increase by 5% each year.  
o   Action: Increase marketing of informational programs through displays, shelf talkers, and other in-library signage. Digital sign implementation/updating in process
o   Action: Reach out to community partners to increase off-premise marketing opportunities.  
·         Within one year, more than 50% of adult survey respondents will say that the library’s health and financial collections and resources adequately meet their needs.  
o   Action: Evaluate health and financial collections from patron point of view through surveys and anecdotal evidence.  
o   Action: Provide and promote web links to authoritative health and financial information websites from UCPL website.  
·         Within one year, 50% of teens and their parents will be better prepared for post-high school financial decisions as a result of library programs, based on survey responses and anecdotal evidence.  
o   Action: Host Thinking Money exhibit in May/June 2017. Events posted on calendar
o   Action: In conjunction with Thinking Money exhibit, host FAFSA/paying for college program for teens and parents. Event planned, 6/7/2017
·         Within one year, circulation of financial-related materials will increase by 3%.  
o   Action: Feature financial materials in conjunction with Thinking Money exhibit. in progress
o   Action: Promote Thinking Money exhibit and financial materials during AARP tax prep events.  
Service Response #6: Satisfy Curiosity  
Goal: Adult and senior residents will have access to information to meet their need to explore  
topics of personal interest and to facilitate lifelong learning.  
·         Within one year, the Library will provide at least six opportunities for seniors to explore their creativity.  
o   Action: Work with University City’s senior services coordinator and senior advocacy agencies to provide programs for seniors at the Library. Suggested connections and programs include:  
§  SeniorsCountSTL  
§  Alzheimers Association presentations on memory loss and dementia  
§  Programs on legal and financial matters for seniors Thinking Money programs in proress
§  Creative programs, such as iPhone photography tips for seniors  
§  Programs on smartphone basics, Instagram, Twitter, and other social media Social media class added to computer sechedule 
o   Action: Connect with area agencies on aging to promote pre-existing visual and performing arts classes aimed at seniors through brochures on the Creative, Health, and Informed Aging kiosk.  
o   Action: Market Library services to residential facilities in University City.  
o   Action: Reach out to churches, synagogues and mosques in the area to inform them of programs and services available at the Library.  
o   Action: Present programs to the Chamber of Commerce, AARP, HPES, and other local organizations concerning Library programs and services.  Chamber class 2/8/2017
Goal: Teens and children will have access to resources which fulfill their need to investigate  
topics of personal interest.  
·         The Library will increase the circulation of children’s and young adult non-fiction by 3%.  
o   Action: Work with schools in University City to provide area children and young adults with relevant materials.  
o   Action: Market Library services and programs to schools in University City.  
Service Response #7:  Know Your Community: Community Resources and Services  
Goal: Patrons will find current information about local resources in the library building and via the webpage.  
·         Provide a connection between Library patrons and community organizations.  
o   Action: Review existing policy for bulletin boards and handouts to ensure that access is maximized and that all staff understand policy.  
o   Action: Re-engage with local organizations that offer volunteer opportunities to build a collection of materials to which patrons interested in volunteer work can be referred.  
o   Action: Conduct a service fair to help raise awareness of volunteer opportunities in the community, with the assistance of the Chamber of Commerce and the University City senior services coordinator.  
o   Action: Continue to explore the online catalog’s Community Record feature as a tool for providing patron’s access to community information. Add a minimum of three community records per month. In progress
Goal: Patrons will find and share information about our community’s past and present.  
·         Create an audiovisual archive of community stories that will be accessible to patrons both online and at the Library.  
o   Action: Continue to build an audio archive of community-based stories modeled on the StoryCorps project. The archive will be accessible through online streaming, as well as physical CDs that can be checked out.  
o   Action: Make the OneButton Studio and Library video cameras available for recording local stories. Stories can be added to the Library archive, which will be made accessible through online streaming video.  
Service Response #8:  Learn to Read and Write: Adult, Teen, and Family Literacy  
Goal: The library will provide an effective materials collection to serve teens and adults with emerging literacy. The collection will be shelved in a physical space appropriate for their needs.  
·         Increase circulation of world languages collection by 10%.  
o   Action: Improve lighting for the world languages collection.    
o   Action: Interfile literacy and tutoring collection to reduce duplication and provide better opportunities for display.  
·         Renew partnership with University City School District’s Adult Education and Literacy (AEL) office to benefit teen and young adult emerging readers.  
o   Action: Provide early childhood materials  from the youth services department to be distributed to students registering for HiSet and ESL classes with AEL.  
o   Action: Explore AEL’s future needs for meeting/classrooms.  
o   Action: Ensure that all AEL students are aware of literacy and world languages collection through outreach and marketing.  
·         The Library will effectively refer families and teens to literacy resources in the wider community.    
o   Action: Train adult and youth services staff to respond to queries regarding tutoring services.  
o   Action: Create links and/or webpage on Library website to direct patrons to resources for improving literacy outside the library, such as AEL and other free or low-cost tutoring options.  
·         Increase access of teens and young adults to reading materials in all forms, going beyond the checkout-and-return service model.  
o   Action: Capture targeted demographic via outreach into the broader community.  
o   Action: Promote literacy and love for learning by providing reading materials for non-library users.  
o   Action: Provide UCPL patrons, via book donations, an opportunity to partner with on-going community outreach effort.  
o   Action: Brand UCPL as innovative and creative in its approach to enhancing family literacy.  
o   Action: Work with local schools to insure that all students have access to Library materials through e-resources access cards.  
o   Action: Place UCPL-sponsored little library stations, stocked with community-donated materials, at strategic locations by creating partnerships with local businesses, such as laundromats, grocery stores, and community centers.  
§  Identify five organizations to serve as initial outlets.  
§  Begin project at one location; track progress and evaluate.  
§  Measure number of books in and out as evidence of service; track personnel hours spent.  
§  Make modifications as needed and move forward with four additional outlets.  
Note: Unlike the Free Little Library concept, all books will be made free to users of UCPL’s external libraries instead of a book exchange.  
Service Response #9: Stimulate Imagination  
Goal: Adults will find materials and resources to enhance their leisure time activities and encourage their intellectual pursuits and imagination.  
·         Within one year, more than 50% of adult survey respondents will say that they were able to access leisure materials in a timely manner.  
o   Action: Implement Hot Titles/DVDs displays.  
o   Action: Increase marketing of Overdrive and Hoopla. In progress 
·         Within one year, more than 50% of adult survey respondents will say they experienced a new culture or perspective through library materials or resources.  
o   Action: Cross-promote library collections in displays.  
o   Action: Select diverse titles for book discussions. In progress 
·         Within one year, usage of e-materials will increase by 5%.  
o   Action: Increase marketing of e-materials.  
o   Action: Offer staff training on Overdrive and Hoopla. Computer classess added Jan 2017
o   Action: Create video tutorials for online resources and post on website.  
·         Within one year, the number of participants in library-sponsored book discussions, both online and at the library, will increase by 10%.  
o   Action: Start online book group.  
o   Action: Re-evaluate current book groups in comparison to circulation trends.  
o   Action: Look into hosting book groups at locations outside of library.  
·         Within one year, offer 4 programs that focus on creative filmmaking for adults. Chamber of Commerce sponsored class OBS 2/8/17
o   Action: Offer series of programs potentially centered on the 48-hour Film Festival and Cinema St. Louis. Suggested classes include a class, a screenplay writing workshop, and how-to program on technical elements of shooting a film, culminating a screening of films created by participants in the programs.  
Goal: Children and teenagers will find materials and resources to enhance their leisure time activities and encourage their intellectual pursuits and imagination.  
·         Within one year, participation in teen-focused creative programs will increase by 5%.  
o   Action: Increase outreach to teens online and through community partnerships.  
·         Within one year, youth usage of library technology makerspace will increase by 10%.  
o   Action: Offer additional classes and tutorials on tech gear.  
·         Within one year, more than 50% of teens, and parents of younger children, surveyed will say that they were able to access leisure materials in a timely manner.  
o   Action: Expedite purchasing of new and high-demand titles.  
Service Response #10: Visit a Comfortable Place  
Goal: Residents will view the Library as a safe and welcoming place to meet and interact with others, or to sit quietly and read.  
·         Patron use of our meeting rooms will increase by 5% in the coming year.  
o   Action: Upgrade Meeting Rooms 1 and 2 to include computer connections to a viewing screen.  
o   Action: Upgrade the Dorothy Ulrici Auditorium with new screen and a new projector. Complete
·         Patron satisfaction with building appearance and cleanliness will increase as shown in user surveys.  
o   Action: Formalize cleaning schedule for the building as a whole, with building staff and senior staff aware of status of cleaning schedule.  
·         Patron satisfaction with our catalog, website and virtual space will increase, as shown in user surveys.  
o   Action: Effectively market databases such as to increase overall use by our patrons.  
o   Action: Provide links on Library website to Library Board and administration information.  
o   Action: Update Library policies online. Complete